Professional Products and Service

We provide industry leading products, training and field service.

Flow LabTraining
Flow Lab, Classroom and Demo/Training Trailer

Automation ShopAutomation Shop
Local Automation and
Adaption Shop

Field ServiceField Service
On-time start up and
field service .

On-Site ConsultationsOn-Site Consult.
Free on-site consultations
for your project

Facilities Multi-Use Facility
Office, warehouse and training
all at one location

industry Leading Experts

With over 30 years of experience, Rocky Mountain Valves & Automation Inc. (RMVA) provides unmatched service and products in the Water and Waste Industry in Utah, Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada. We provide water valves and automation to the municipal and industrial community. The key to our success, is our commitment and responsiveness to customer needs and requirements.

We continue to be the leader in the Intermountain West because of our dedication to offering:

    • Quality Products
    • Multiple Brands and Types of Valves for Your Specific Needs
    • Free, No Obligation Quotes
    • Timely Submittals, and Delivery
    • On-Site Field Service, Consultations and Problem Solving
    • On-Time Start Up and Maintenance
    • Expertise in Updating Failing Systems

And we are committed to:

    • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    • Presenting Multiple Solutions to Fit Your Needs and Budget
    • Giving our full support to each job, regardless of size

Ben Deaver
Owner & Automation Specialist

Greg Bilbao
Outside Sales

Julie Johnson
Reception & Flow Lab Registration

Brad Deaver
Inside Sales

Trent Nokes
Field Services & Technical Support

Laurel Deaver
Financial Administrator