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Singer Valves

A Global Leader in Control Valves. Providing pressure reducing, sustaining, relief valves; Singer Valve also offers an Anti-Cavitation valve, customized to each and every application. Visit Singer Website


Val-Matic is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of check valves, quarter turn shut-off valves, air valves and foot valves for water/waste water. Val-Matic valve types include: Tilted Disc, Dual Disc, Swing-Flex, Surgebuster, and Silent Check Valves; Plug Valves, and nine types of Air Valves Visit Val-Matic Website

Bailey Valve

Bailey Valve development was fueled by customer demand, and it has since grown into a dynamic and diversified company, helping government and industrial clients achieve their goals through the application of innovative technologies of energy dissipation valves. Visit Bailey Website


Trumbull offers product categories that include valve and curb box products, keys and tools, products for corrosive soils, meter couplings, joint restraint, yokes and covers, treatment plant products, hydrant parts and accessories. Every year, new products are added to the current product line. Visit Trumbull Website


Since 1986 Ultraflo Corporation has been a premier manufacturer of resilient butterfly valves and accessories. Visit Ultraflo Website


Build with the most reliable name in flow control, NIBCO. Product diversity, from valves and pipe fittings, to tubing and pipe. Expertise, from engineering and service, to selection and submittal assistance.
Visit Nibco Website

McCrometer is the leader in flow meters for the most demanding applications. It's no wonder why companies count on McCrometer flowmeter and telemetry products, services and experts for the most demanding liquid, steam and gas applications across the globe.


Rotork Controls is Rotork's electric valve actuator division, offering an electrical solution to industrial valve control and actuation application of virtually any size, description and complexity. Visit Rotork Website

Keystone Pentair

Originally designing, patenting and introducing the Butterfly Valve in 1951, Keystone developed a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service. The brand was increased to include the Keystone, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls which give our valve packages seamless compatibility and gives the owners a single point of contact for package responsibility. Visit Keystone / Pentair Website

Apollo Valves

The company now know as Apollo Valves earned a reputation for developing new products to meet emerging market demands. In 1968, the company introduced its Apollo Series 70 ball valve to the commercial market.Visit Apollo Website

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing canal gates, slide gates and flap gates Mechanical Associates are experts in municipal, water and waste water, industrial, Ag, flood, estuary, etc. As a manufacturer of corrosion resistant water flow control gates, they have an established track record of catering to the agricultural, irrigation, industrial and municipal requirements for controlling and regulating the flow of water with precision fabricated and innovatively designed mechanical gates that fulfill a variety of water flow control needs. Visit Mechanical Associates Website


Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting system expansion joints and rubber check valves.
Visit Proco Website

Charlatte Tanks

Charlatte is the world leader in the design of bladder-type pressure vessels used in potable, raw and wastewater applications. Our tanks are used in a wide range of applications such as surge protection, pressure regulation, pump cycle control and pressurized storage. Visit Charlatte Website