Pentair / Keystone 221/221 Series

Economical bonded resilient seated for bidirectional, end of line service

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Keystone Butterfly Valve 221/222 Series


  • An economical bonded resilient seated butterfly valve for bi-directional and end-of-line service
  • F221 Wafer style valve • F222 Lugged style valve
  • Ideal for building services and irrigation applications that require shut-off control.
  • The valve has a molded in seat and can be used in full vacuum service.
  • Bubble tight shut-off at full rated pressure in both directions.
  • The F222 lugged version is suitable for bi-directional end-of-line service.
  • Top and bottom bearings absorbs side thrust loads.
  • A molded-in O-ring in the seat for flange sealing eliminates the need for gaskets.
  • Body locating holes for easy installation and centering between flanges.
  • Standard actuation: Handles (F401) on NPS 2 - 8 valves.
  • Gear operators (F427) on NPS 10 - 12 valves.


Technical data

Size range:NPS 2 - 12
Temperature rating:Minus 22°F to 221°F
Pressure rating:Full vacuum to 250 psi bi-directional bubble tight shut-off rating.
Full 250 psi end-of-line shut-off capabilities with F222 lugged valve.
Standard flange drilling:
AS 2129 E, ASME class 125 and 150
JIS table 5 and 10, PN 10 and 16*


Operating & Safety Instructions
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Butterfly Valves Figure 221 and 222

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