Proco Expansion Joints 240-242 Series Spherical

Ideal to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start up surge forces

There are many different variations available to fit your specific needs. Please Contact Us for a free quote or consultation.

Proco Expansion Joint 240-242 Series Spherical



  • Spherical Molded Expansion Joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces.
  • Allow for axial compression or axial extension, lateral deflection as well as angular movement
  • Absorbs Vibration, Noise and Shock
  • Carbon Steel flanges for corrosion protection, stainless also available
  • Wide service range with low cost
  • Operate up to 300 PSIG and 265° F
  • All Style 240 or Style 242 molded expansion joints have branded elastomer designations. Neoprene Tube/Neoprene Cover (NN) and Nitrile Tube/Neoprene Cover (NP) elastomer designated joints meet the Coast Guard Requirements and conform to ASTM F1123-87. 240C/NP-9 joints have ABS certification.



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