Proco Expansion Joints 271 Series Super Wide Arch

Self cleaning, ideal for slurries eliminating need for filled arch design

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Proco Expansion Joint 271 Series
Super Wide Arch



  • Single super wide flowing arch design. The wide flowing arch is self-cleaning which makes it a perfect choice for slurries, eliminating the need for a filled arch design.
  • Less turbulence or material entrapment
  • Absorbs Vibration, Noise and Shock
  • 90° true seal rubber flange
  • Compensate for misalignment
  • Operate up to 200 PSIG and 250° F
  • All 271 expansion joints are strip branded with cure dates and elastomer designations. All Neoprene Tube/Neoprene Cover (NN) and Nitrile Tube/Neoprene Cover (NP)elastomer designated joints meet the Coast Guard Requirements and conform to ASTM F 1123-87.



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