Proco Pen-Seal Pipe Penetration Seals

Acts as insulator and seal between pipe other mediums it passes through

There are many different variations available to fit your specific needs. Please Contact Us for a free quote or consultation.

Proco Pen-Seal Pipe Penetration Seals



  • Available in Carbon and Stainless
  • Designed to assist in achieving an efficient, low-cost mechanical seal between any Electrical Conduit, Concrete, Cast Iron, Steel, Copper, or PVC/CPVC pipes passing through Walls, Floors, Tanks, Pipeline Casings, and Vaults.
  • Will also act as an insulator while being used to seal the gap in electrical conduit lines
  • Gas and Water tight seal
  • Seal up to 20 psig or 40 ft head pressure and -40°F - 250°F
  • Silicone material available for temp up to 400°F
  • Suitable in water, above ground, and direct burial
  • Utilizes glass-reinforced plastic for the pressure plates and all hardware is manufactured from Steel Zinc Dichromate. For corrosion resistance, 316 Stainless Steel hardware is also available.



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