Rotork IQ3 Modulating Actuator - IQM

Ideal for rapid positional control

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IQ3 - MOdulating Actuator - IQM


The modulating version of the IQ 3-phase electric actuator has a solid state reversing starter in place of the electromechanical contactors. It features fast-response remote control circuits for rapid control. To optimise positional control, the solid state starter also adds an electronic motor ‘brake' feature.

The ‘hammer-blow' drive - for shifting infrequently used valves - is not included in this model. IQM is suitable for up to 1,200 starts per hour (S4/Class C).

With the addition of second stage gearboxes, IQM multi-turn output seating torque up to 3,600 Nm (2,655 lbf ft) and quarter-turn up to 58,000 Nm (42,778 lbf ft) are available.


Download IQ3 Range Specifications

Download IQ3 Multi-Turn Electrical Data


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