ROM / ROMpak Light Gear Drive Actuator

Provides quiet and reliable operations for small valves

There are many different variations available to fit your specific needs. Please Contact Us for a free quote or consultation.

ROM / Rompak Light Gear Drive Actuators


actuators provide quiet and reliable operation for all kinds of small ball valves and butterfly valves, as well as dampers and ventilation louvres. They provide self-locking as standard, local visual indicators and manual override options together with a wide range of voltages.

ROMpak introduces: Local controls for ease of operation; Dual local indicators – mechanical and LED; Phase rotation correction for ease of installation; Options including: bus communication and Folomatic/CPT.

Torque range 35 to 650 Nm (25 to 480 lbf-ft).

  • Efficient yet simple gearing
  • Wide range of supply voltages available
  • Single-phase, three-phase and DC options
  • Watertight IP68 rating


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