Rack and Pinion RCI Pneumatic Actuator

Lower cost alternative to scotch yoke

There are many different variations available to fit your specific needs. Please Contact Us for a free quote or consultation.

ROtork RCI Rack & Pinion actuator


The rack and pinion design provides constant torque in the double acting version, as required in some valve types, and a linear characteristic in the spring return version. The 400 series Actuators have adjustable travel stops in both directions ± 5 degrees. The use of high quality materials, high standards of manufacturing and attention to detail, make this actuator an excellent choice for most applications.

  • Torque output: 24 to 12,919 lbf-in.
  • Anodized aluminum body with epoxy-coated end caps.
  • Valve mounting dimensions per ISO 5211/DIN 3337.
  • Top and solenoid mounting to VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR).
  • Actuators certified to ATEX 94/9/EC.
  • Eleven Sizes
  • Rack and Pinion, double acting, spring return
  • Large piston guides and rings minimize cylinder wear for optimum contact between rack and pinion
  • Five different break and end torque combinations with adjustable preloaded spring cartridges
  • NAMUR solenoid interface
  • High interface position for easy installation of both air and electric connections
  • Anodized cylinders, epoxy coated end caps fastened with stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance



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