Singer Automated Pilot Control 420-AC/DC

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420-DC/AC Automated Pilot Control


  • IP68, 7 ft/24 hours (2.134 m/24 hours)
  • Programmable span and speed via USB cable and software
  • Built in surge suppression for protection against voltage spikes
  • Position feedback: 4-20 mA
  • Downstream pressure follows control signal within +/- 1 psi / 0.068 bar
  • May be fitted in field to most sizes and makes of automatic control valves
  • Adjustable to suit required pressure changes
    Typical Applications for a 420-AC/DC:
  • Pressure management systems - utilizing pressure reducing pilot to give adjustable pressure settings based on system demand.
  • Remote or difficult to reach control valves where adjustments need to be made and using SCADA is the best option.


Motor Pilot Actuator SPecifications

  • Actuator shall be suitable for use on a nominal 24VDC power supply (420-DC version). The actuator shall respond to a 4-20 mA current signal to position pilot adjustment screw and change the pilot setpoint. A 4-20 mA current signal shall be available to indicate response to the control signal.
  • The actuator shall have built-in ESD rated at 1 kV at 5 msec surge suppression to protect the internal electronics from damage.
  • The actuator shall be equipped with reverse polarity protective elements.
  • The actuator shall be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It shall be capable of function in an ambient temperature ranging from - 22°F to 185°F (-30°C to 85°C), up 100% relative humidity.
  • The actuator housing shall be O-ring sealed with watertight to IP67/IP68. The motor and all other internal components shall be protected from ingress of moisture and dust with the use of an IP68 rated plug/receptacle assembly.
  • The actuator shall be equipped with a high accuracy multi-turn position feedback potentiometer to maintain pilot setpoint accuracy and repeatability.
  • For maintenance, the control system shall be modular to allow replacement of wear parts without the need to replace the entire control modules.


Download the 420-AC/DC Automated Pilot Control Product Guide.

Download the 420-DC/AC Automated Pilot Control Operation Guide.

Download the 420-DC/AC Submittal Form.

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