Singer Excess Flow (Burst Control) Valve 106 / 206-EF

Designed to shut-off tightly when flow exceeds a predetermined amount

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106 / 206-EF-8837BX Excess Flow
(Burst Control) Valve


  • Tight shut-off when flow exceeds a pre-determined amount
  • Manual re-activation required after failure
  • “Failure Signal” options available
  • Pilot senses pressure drop of valve and closes when tripping flow is reached. Typical pressure drop at tripping is 5psi/ 0.35 bar
  • Based on 106-PG and 206-PG main valves
  • Closing control should be included if inlet pipe is longer than 2000 ft.


  • The valve shall be Singer Model 106-EF-8837BX or 206-EF-8837BX, size “___”, ANSI Class 150 (ANSI 300, ANSI flanges drilled to ISO PN 10 / 16 / 25 / 40) globe / angle style valve. Assembly shall be according to Schematic A-8837BX. Performance Requirements: The valve must trip consistently within 5 % of the nominal tripping flow and will consistently not trip at 90% of the nominal tripping flow.
  • Refer to Main Valve section, see page 11, 106-PT or 206-PT for detailed information pertaining to valve sizes and materials, selection criteria and specifications.
  • Refer to Pilot and Accessories section, see page 249, Model 625-RPD Normally Closed Pilot for detailed information pertaining to materials and specifications.


Download the 106 / 206-EF-8837BX Product Guide.

Download the 106 / 206-EF-8837BX Operations Guide.

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