Singer Flow Control 106 / 206-RF

Ideal for limiting the flow to a predetermined maximum

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106 / 206-RF Rate of Flow Valve


  • Accurately limits flow to a pre-set maximum
  • Easily adjustable flow limit
  • Paddle-style orifice plate included
  • Optional orifice plate housing
  • Based on 106-PG and 206-PG main valves
  • Self modulating based on pressure differential


  • The valve shall be a Singer Valve model 106-RF / 206-RF, size “_____”, ANSI Class 150 (ANSI 300, ANSI flanges drilled to ISO PN 10 / 16 / 25 or 40) pressure rating / flange standard, globe (angle), style valve. The Model 160-RF Rate Of Flow Pilot shall have a flow set-point, preset at Singer Valve to “___” USGPM (Liters/ Second). Assembly shall be according to Schematic A-7427C.
  • The valve maintains a relatively constant flow rate by sensing the pressure differential across the specially sized orifice plate (Orifice housings are provided as an option only). The flow rate is adjustable by changing the pilot’s setting (differential across orifice). When the pressure differential is less than the set-point the valve opens allowing flow to meet pre-determined demand. When the pressure drop across the orifice exceeds the set-point, the valve closes slightly, limit flow to the preset maximum.
  • Refer to Main Valve section, see page 11, 106-PG (or 206-PG) for detailed information pertaining to valve sizes and materials, selection criteria and specifications.
  • Refer to Main Valve Option section, see page 74, Model x107 Position Indicator for detailed information pertaining to materials and specifications.
  • Refer to Pilot and Accessories section, see page 249, Model 160-RF Rate Of Flow Pilot and Model 26 Flow Stabilizer for detailed information pertaining to materials and specifications. Orifice Plate sizing and specification information is available from Singer Valve.


Download the 106 / 206-RF Product Guide.

Download the 106 / 206-RF Operations Guide.

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