Singer Electronic Control and Metering 106/206-2SC-MV

Precise flow control and accurate flow metering combined

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106 / 206-2SC-MV Electronic Flow Control and Metering System


  • Combines precise flow control with relatively accurate flow metering, save space / cost
  • PLC-based control panel is compatible with your SCADA system Manual control is available in case of emergencies
  • Can be field retrofitted to existing valves
  • +/- 3% accuracy, certified by NIST approved testing laboratory (on select sizes)
  • Used with Singer MV1-TP control Panel
  • Flow is totalized and displayed via panel readout
  • Based on 106-PG and 206-PG main valves


  • The system shall be a Singer Valve model 106-2SC-MV / 206-2SC-MV, size “_______”, ANSI Class 150 (ANSI 300, ANSI Flanges drilled to ISO PN10 / 16 / 25 or 40 drillings) pressure rating/ flange standard, globe (angle) style valve. Opening and closing solenoid pilots shall be ASCO 2-Way normally closed: energize to open (normally open: energize to close) with 120VAC / 60Hz (220VAC / 50Hz or 24VDC) solenoid coil. The main valve shall be equipped with Model X156 4-20mA
  • Position Transmitter and Differential Pressure Transmitter. The Model MV1-TP Flow Control and Metering Panel shall have pre-programmed logic module, adjustments and connection terminals, housed inside NEMA 4X rated raintight enclosure.
  • The system shall relatively accurately measure the flow (via the flow control and metering panel) based on valve position and differential pressure and control the flow by positioning the main valve based on the set-point.
  • The flow control and metering panel shall incorporate a pre-programmed logic controller with P.I.D. optimization and real-math calculation for accuracy.
  • The flow control and metering panel shall have 24VDC, 1.3 Amp auxiliary power supply.
  • Dual solenoid control shall be via solid state relays with zero-voltage switching.
  • The flow control and metering panel shall have door-mounted touch screen interface and display.
  • The valve shall be equipped with manual by-pass to provide emergency override operation.
  • Refer to Main Valve section, see page 11, 106-PG (or 206-PG) for detailed information pertaining to valve sizes and materials, selection criteria and specifications.
  • Refer to Main Valve Options section, see page 74., Model x156 Analog Valve Position Transmitter for information pertaining to material and specifications.
  • Refer to Pilot and Accessories section, page 249,, Model Needle Valves for detailed information pertaining to materials and specifications of Opening and Closing Speed Controls.
  • Consult with Singer Valve for Solenoid specification information.


Download the 106 / 206-2SC-MV Product Guide.

Download the 106 / 206-2SC-MV Operations Guide.

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