Singer Single Point Insertion Flow Metering Valve SPI-MV

Cost Effective flow metering combined with control valve

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SPI-MV Single Point Insertion
Flow Metering Valve


  • Accurate flow metering, combined with control valve to save space/cost
  • Supplied with Flow Converter for local display with 4-20mA output measurement or can be combined with PLC-based control panel for flow control applications
  • +/- 2% of rate accuracy, NIST traceable
  • Pre-calibrated from McCrometer's NIST traceable Calibration Lab
  • Available for vale sizes 4" (100mm) to 36" (900mm)
  • No Moving Parts - Single Piece Design
  • No wear or breakage and virtually immune to clogging
  • Removable for easy inspection, cleaning, calibration or verification
  • Combine with 106-2SC-PCO for complete flow-based valve control
  • Based on 106-PG and 206-PG main valves


  • The valve shall be installed with a 1” (25mm) Single Point Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter in one of the inlet body tappings.
  • Unit will be factory installed and programmed with correlative factors for Main Valve body flow profile.
  • The flow meter shall consist of two components: an electromagnetic sensor and a converter.
  • The 1” (25mm) electromagnetic sensor shall be capable of operating in valves from 4” (100mm) to 36” (900mm).
  • The flow meter shall determine the volumetric flow rate by means of the Continuity Equation where flow rate “Q” equals mean velocity “V” times cross sectional area “A” (Q = V x A). The velocity measurement must be taken at a known location, then, through empirically established equations, the sensed velocity will be converted to a mean velocity.
  • The flow meter converter shall be microprocessor based with a keypad for instrument set up and LCD displays for totalized flow, flow rate engineering units and velocity. The converter shall power the flowsensing element and provide a galvanically isolated Dual 4-20mA output.
  • It shall be possible, in the test mode; to easily set the converter outputs to any desired value within the range. The 4-20mA scaling, time constants, pipe size, flow proportional output, engineering units and test mode values shall be easily set via the keypad and display.
  • Four separate fully programmable alarm outputs shall be provided to indicate empty pipe, forward/reverse, polarity (normally open/close), analog over-range, fault conditions, high/low flow rates, percentage of range, and pulse cutoff. The converter shall periodically perform self-diagnostics and display any resulting error messages. All set up data and totalizer values may be protected by a password.
  • The flow-sensing element shall be of an electromagnetic single point type design and factory calibrated to traceable standards, such as NIST. The sensor shall be made of a polyurethane with pure carbon electrodes exposed to flow.
  • To eliminate erroneous readings due to pipe wall effects, the sensor must have its electrodes located at least 3/16” from pipe wall and be designed with a curved tip shape, so as not to collect debris while in the operating position. Flat tipped or Doppler sensors shall not be acceptable.
  • The sensor cable is 20 feet (6m) of multi-conductor, abrasive resistant, PVC jacketed submersible cable flexible to -400F/C. The sensor cable shall be permanently bonded to the sensor. Additional sensor cable, up to 200 feet (61m), shall be available as an option.
  • The insertion tube and restraining rods assembly shall be provided for the smooth installation and operation of the velocity sensor and shall be of sufficient length to allow a full profile of the flow conduit. The stainless steel insertion tube shall be rated for 250 PSI (1,724 Kpa) @ 1600F (710C).
  • Hardware must allow sensor to be secured by bolts when sensor is being inserted and retracted. A stainless steel compression seal assembly shall also be supplied.
  • No flow meters with accuracies expressed as a percentage of full scale will be accepted and flow meter must be NIST Traceable.


Download the SPI-MV Single Point Insertion Flow Metering Valve Product Guide.

Download the SPI-MV Single Point Insertion Flow Metering Valve Operations Guide.

Download the SPI-MV Submittal Form.

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