Singer Pressure Relief Valve 106/206-RPS

Prevents over pressure by relieving excess flow

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106 / 206-RPS Pressure Relief Valve


  • Limits system pressure by relieving excess flow
  • Quick opening relief, slow smooth closing
  • Easily adjust pressure setting
  • Based on 106-PG and 206-PG main valves
  • Senses upstream pressure and opens rapidly to relieve damaging over pressure, then closes smoothly at an adjustable speed when pressure returns to normal.


  • The valve shall be a Singer Valve model 106-RPS / 206-RPS, size “_____”, ANSI Class 150 (ANSI 300, ANSI flanges drilled to ISO PN 10 / 16/ 25 or 40) pressure rating / flange standard, globe (angle), style valve. The Model 81-RP Pressure Relief Pilot (Normally Closed Pilot) spring range shall be “___ to ___” psi / bar, with set-point preset at Singer Valve to “___” psi / bar. Assembly shall be according to Schematic A-0423F.
  • The valve shall remain closed until inlet pressure exceeds a pre-determined set- point at which time the valve opens quickly and modulates to limit the upstream pressure to the pre-determined set-point.
  • Refer to Main Valve section page 11, 106-PG (or 206-PG) for detailed information pertaining to valve sizes and materials, selection criteria and specifications.
  • Refer to Pilot and Accessories section, page 249, Model 81 Pressure Relief Pilot (Normally Closed Pilot) for detailed information pertaining to materials and specifications.


  • Where UL / FM designation is required, specify 106-RPS-8700A. Available in 2-1/2 in / 65 mm to 8 in / 200 mm globe and angle configurations, ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 flanges, and grooved end connections.


Download the 106 / 206-RPS Product Guide.

Download the 106 / 206-RPS Operations Guide.

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