Singer Dynamic Lifter Pressure Relief A106-DL-Air / A106-DL-ET

Ideal for higher pressure and smaller space applications

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A106-DL-Air / A106-DL-ET Dynamic Lifter Air Operated Pressure Relief Valve



  • Eliminates surges and prolongs pipe life
  • Handles higher pressure applications effectively
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Utilizes compress air or plant air
  • Smaller profile allows installation into limited space
  • Ideal for higher pressures


  • All key features of the A106-DL-Air
  • Solenoid valve anticipates surges resulting from power failures

The Model A106-DL-Air is a compact sewage relief valve that is suitable for high pressures up to 200 psi, responds very quickly and retains all the features and benefits of the Model A106-DL Spring– Hydraulic version. It is an attractive solution to what may be otherwise a difficult application due to higher pressures or space height limitations.

The Model A106-DL-Air-ET retains all the features and benefits of the Model A106-DL-Air with the additional feature of two 3-way solenoid valves which forces the valve open upon power failure.


  • The anticipating sewage pressure relief valve shall be compressed air actuated, angle style and open fully and quickly on power failure or when the system pressure exceeds the valve set-point.
  • The closing speed is to be adjustable. The valve shall close drip-tight when system pressure is below the valve set-point.
  • A separation chamber and diaphragm shall transmit the system pressure (using mineral oil) to a relatively accurate but easily adjustable hydraulic pilot.
  • Compressed air will be supplied by others at a pressure exceeding 100 psi / 6.9 bar to actuate a piston to close the valve.
  • Sewage system pressure above the set-point shall cause the pilot to release air from the chamber that holds the sewage relief valve closed.
  • For a complete maintenance check it shall be possible to apply pressure to the separation chamber and check the opening pressure of the hydraulic pilot and the main valve.
  • A separate means of lowering the air pressure in the main chamber is to be provided for a quick flush cycle. It shall assist in flushing drypack on the downstream side of the valve. The maintenance testing is to be clean and sanitary.
  • The construction is to be suitable for long life when used in a raw sewage environment.
  • Prior to shipping the standard Singer Valve tests shall include cycling at full stroke at the requested relief setting, drip-tight leakage test and over pressure shell test of both the valve and air chamber.
  • The Sewage Relief Valve shall be ANSI Class 150 (PN 16) flanges, Size ___ in / ___ mm.
  • Operating relief range ___ psi / ___ bar to ___ psi / ___ bar with air supply between 100 psi / 6.9 bar and 150 psi / 10.35 bar.
  • The valve shall have all the features and functions of the Singer Model A106-DL-Air / Singer Model A106-DL-Air-ET or approved equal.

For the Singer Model A106-DL-Air-ET, utilize the above specifications and include this additional specification:

  • Two solenoid valves and a panel will be used to open the valve on power failure. The panel will close the valve after an adjustable time period.


Download the A106-DL-Air / A106-DL-ET Product Guide.

Download the Air Operations Guide.

Download the Air-ET Operations Guide.

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